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Our story is a simple one…

At Trips Marrakech, we believe that the Red City is a magnet – attracting; and totally infatuating anyone who is cast under its spell.

The team behind Trips Marrakech, are completely and utterly in love with this city and Morocco in general as a country. Everyone was taken in by its beauty, culture and heritage, and we are so happy to call this our home.

We each found our way to this magical place and came to the conclusion that we wanted to share exactly what it was we loved about it with anyone who would listen.

With backgrounds in events, tourism, PR and marketing – we have joined together in order to help other travellers, from any background, get the most out of our trips in Morocco.

Part of the team have been born and bred in Marrakech, so you can trust that we have the local knowledge to back up our passion for this place. Whilst the other half hail from the UK, so you know that we can deliver the customer service that you would expect from high-end agencies in Europe.

Because of this, it also means we can custom tailor your trips and even help you arrange events if needed. We provide a 24/hr service that means you will always have a man-on-the-ground with the right contacts and expertise to help you if you ever run into any sticky situations.

Our team are trained to handle one-on-one clients as well as big groups (100+), in all areas: transport/trips/events etc.

Aside from all that, we always let the trips and the city speak for themselves. With the diversity of the snow, sea, sand and sun – it’s no wonder that Morocco is fast becoming “the place to visit.”

So, if you’re not convinced already, head over to our tours section and find something to take your fancy – or contact us using the number provided above, or the form below!


Sun, Sand, Sea, Snow, Swimming Pools, Swanky Bars, Silent Riads – You Name It.
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Just In Case We Missed Anything…

What Time Are We Open?

Our official office hours are 9am-7pm, Mon-Sat; closed, Sun. However you can always contact us 24/7 via our phone line.

What Languages Do We Speak?

Our team has native English, French and Arabic speakers. If you ever need a guide that speaks another language, just let us know and we’d be happy to arrange it!

Where Are We Based?

We are based in the city centre of Marrakech – Gueliz, this means you will always be able to reach us easily and quickly.


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