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Day Trips To Essaouira – La Fromagerie

We love Marrakech, right? The way the blush of the sunsets seems to match the blush of the buildings— it’s a truly remarkable place. There’s no denying that, however, from time to time we all need a break from the rhythm of our beautiful city. Essaouira, with its close proximity and easy-breezy, relaxed, way of life is a frequently tempting weekend trip.

Abderzayyak’s La Fromagerie is just one more reason to pack it up and head to the windy city this weekend. If you haven’t already suspected from the name, one of the things that makes La Fromagerie such a unique dining experience is the five course menu that revolves completely around cheese, mainly of the goat variety. Are you packing your bags yet?


Just a twenty minute and 100dh taxi ride from Essaouira’s city center, down a bumpy dirt road tucked away in the untamed brush of the argan trees, La Fromagerie awaits. Come slightly before sunset to enjoy this white-stucco farm in the slanting evening light and brace yourself for perhaps one of the most delightful dining experiences of your life.

Abderzayyak, from what I can tell from many visits there, welcomes each of his customers almost as if you’re family, or at the very least, old friends. Ask for a quick tour of his property before your meal and you will find all sorts of animals (including camels and goats), lovely beldi rooms for rent, and an eclectic dining room that feels less like a restaurant and more like an artist’s sanctuary and workshop— in the best kind of way. When complimented on his design, Abderzayyak shrugs and replies, “it just sort of happened this way.”


Dinner typically begins with a tempura fried fruit and cheese dish accompanied with a yummy mango dipping sauce. You’re also likely to enjoy a salad of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, followed by other creative, delectable, and cheesy starters all leading up to a glorious portion of mechoui (Moroccan roasted lamb) with orange. I won’t give every course away, as they are likely to change from season to season, but I will say the evening always ends with a giant cutting board filled at every corner with cheeses and jams, so save room! Chapeau to the young and talented chef Hicham for his innovative and delicious menu.

After dinner, I highly recommend gathering around the courtyard fire pit to enjoy a tea or a cognac while admiring the inky blue night sky and waiting for your taxi back to town. Bottom line, if you love cheese, if you love life, and if you love yourself— do yourself a favour and go see Abderzayyak and Hicham at La Fromagerie.


So if you do fancy heading down to Essaouira and visiting La Fromagerie, just let us know in the form below and we’ll get it all sorted for you!

*Contributor – Elle Houby

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